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CTPOD ONE: The Future of Solo City Commute

  • Safe

  • Personal

  • Accessible

  • Comfortable

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Only US$6,999

Pay only when ready to ship! Commitment free, Cancel anytime.

           Range                        Speed                           2 x Swap Batteries
up to 120km (75miles)       32km/h (20mph)        4,800wh

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CTPOD is a battery swap service that offers on-demand battery delivery, in addition to home charging, fixed charging stations, and the option for solar charging.

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Smart Commuting

CTPOD: a Patented Micro-Mobility


Peer to Peer, Rental/Lease, Advertisement, On-Demand Battery Deliver

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Economic Benefits: CTPOD is the world's first last-mile mobility solution that incentivizes urban commuters for their daily rides and mundane necessities, such as battery swaps, while also providing them with diverse opportunities to earn money on their terms.

Environmental Benefits: Embrace a greener world with our zero-emission approach.
CTPOD ONE as the Solution:

Parking Problems Solved.

Eco-Friendly & City-Friendly.

Urban Inclusivity at Its Best.

Urban Mobility Made Easy.

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Our Partners

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Features That Define CTPOD

Explore the exceptional features that make CTPOD stand out

From solar charging and voice-guided navigation to all-weather adaptability and comfort amenities, CTPOD is designed to exceed your expectations.

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Your CTPOD Experience

Advantages and Benefits

A/C   |   Foldable Table   |   USB A&C   |   Wireless Charger    |   2x Cup Holder   |   Seat Belt   |   Adjustable Seats   |   Airbags (Optional)   |   Privacy Shades (Optional) 

  • Benefits of Joining CTPOD ONE Journey?
    Join our collaborative network of exceptional entrepreneurs and experts committed to making CTPOD ONE a reality with no excuse. Benefits of Joining: • Flexibility: Work on innovative projects at your own pace, in your own way. • Community: Collaborate with a diverse network of like-minded individuals. • Impact: Be part of a movement that's changing the way we navigate our cities.
  • Why PRUM LEAP TECHNOLOGIES Created CTPOD to Make People's Lives Easier?
    CTPOD was conceived to break down barriers and provide an inclusive mobility solution for everyone. CTPOD appeals to those seeking a personal and secure mode of transportation, free from the requirements of helmets and masks. Its enclosed cabin and safety features ensure a private and secure journey, whether for work, leisure, or errands.
  • Interior and Exterior Features & Specifications of CTPOD?
    Exterior Feature: Right camera, Front Camera, Left Camera, Rear Camera, Multi-function screen, Battery Door Interior Feature: Wireless charger, cup holder, foldable table, AC Vent, USB-A & USB-C Ports, Cup holder, Joystick. Specifiations and safety features: Category L5 Tricycle (Low Speed Electric Vehicles) Speed: 20mph, 32km/h Range: 74.5 miles, 120km, 2 x 800w motors 2 x swap batteries Anti-Rollover technology, Anti-Collision Warning, stair climbing (optional) Pod to Pod Link, Control and Communication, Standup or Seated , Airbag (Optional), Privacy Shade (Optional), Adjustable Seat, Seat Belt
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Who Can Benefit?

The Future of Green Mobility

CTPOD is designed for city commuters. It provides a personal, safe, and secure mode of transportation, making it ideal for individuals without a driver's license, elderly citizens, and those with reduced mobility or visual impairments.

CTPOD is the ideal last-mile or final mile delivery vehicle.

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