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Be Part of the CTPOD Journey

At Prum Leap Technologies (PLT), we're on a mission to revolutionize urban mobility, and we believe in doing it differently. Inspired by the principles of Paul Jarvis's "Company of One," we've built a unique collaborative network of experts and entrepreneurs who share our vision for a flexible, innovative, and sustainable future.

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Join the Innovation Revolution

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Business Models

Fabless, Franchise, MaaS

Design and License our IPs to worldwide manufacturers for localized production

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Our Approach

Quality Over Quantity

We've adopted a lean, focused approach that prioritizes quality over quantity. This approach isn't just about creating a product; it's about building a movement. We believe in collaborating with a select group of exceptional individuals who are committed to making CTPOD One a reality.

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Your Opportunity

Join Our Network

We're looking for entrepreneurs and experts who are ready to challenge traditional business models and embrace the principles of independence, expertise, and collaboration. If you're passionate about urban mobility, innovation, and creating a positive impact, we invite you to join our network.

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Mobility with Purpose

Customers Persona

  • Elderly and Reduced Mobility Individuals

  • Visually Impaired Individuals

  • Adult with infant

  • Shared Mobility Users

  • Individuals with no driver's license

  • Environmentally Conscious Individuals

  • Urban Professionals and Commuters

  • City's Courier Delivery Riders

  • City's Fleet Riders

  • Service Providers and Emergency Services

  • Security Personnel

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CTPOD Difference

Ready to Make a Difference?

Let's rewrite the rules of urban mobility together. Join us on the journey to make CTPOD One a reality. Explore our opportunities, meet the team, and get in touch. Your expertise and entrepreneurial spirit are what we need to shape the future of urban mobility.)

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